Chinese New Year Mission

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Mission Harmony To China

A LAMP Project,

To outreach Chinese students by introducing a fun environment for learning English through lively conversation, singing inspiration, dancing, playing games, and making hands-on projects with native English speakers from USA. In accordance with the government policy of promoting a harmonious society, the themes of Christmas and Easter, two of the most popular festivals in USA, are to be to incorporated in the camp handbooks, the adjacent adult seminars, and concerts for celebrating in tandem with Chinese New Year in the winter camp and Dragon Boat (Duanwu) festival in the summer camp.

John Wen, 817-888-2183,

USA Village & Kid’s Place

I. English Harmony Camp

1. Plan:

To invite a team of native English speakers and their children from USA to teach a 5-day English camps, 1/12-16. Each day is to start from 8:30 to17:30 with one hour break for lunch and nap time in the camp.

The camp theme is to center around the most celebrated festival of Christmas in American culture for Chinese kids to learn English naturally by having fun and experiencing the richness of the Christmas. And from that Chinese kids will learn many common used words and idioms in USA.

· Time:

1/12-16, 8:30 – 5:30 PM

· Place:

City of Taiyuan, provincial capital of Shanxi in Central China

· Class:

One or two teachers helped by with two local teaching assistants teach 30+ students per class.

· Lunch break:

Students are to stay in the camp whole day for lunch breaks and take naps afterwards for exclusive learning environment. The camp will provide lunches. Teaching Assistants are to lead the camp, while teachers are away to take lunch breaks.

2. USA Village – Classroom, led by teachers    8:3012:00

The morning session is divided into two parts: daily singing inspirations (singspiration), 8:30 to 9:30 AM, and English class, 9:30-noon. The daily singspiration is to inspire kids to outstretch their thoughts beyond their regular learning, and learn to comprehend the great meaning of faith, hope and love of the harmony theme in Christmas. This session is to be led by a special person gifted in singspiration.

The English class session is to encourage kids to listen and speak English all time among themselves and with teachers naturally by following the interesting conversation dialogues from the handbooks’ comics strips (from, which illustrate the harmony theme of the Christianity. Teachers can help kids to do the role play by using the comics’ wordings to converse with each other, and introduce other common words to enrich the students’ learning experiences in words and stories as well. Additional Olympics theme is included in the handbook for a lively English learning environment.

To help younger kids to learn English right, other English basics and phonics will be taught by teachers and enhanced by playing a fun DVD in the classroom to improve students’ English listening and speaking ability in their early years.

3. Kid’s Place – Activities, led by teaching Assistants(TAs) 1:30 – 5:30

This afternoon session is to provide students hands-on learning English experiences through playing games, making hand crafts, coloring, sports and etc. The afternoon session is to be led by local TAs with some available teachers helping on the side.

4. Chinese New Year Warming Up Program,  held if a band is available

1. Time: 7:30-9:00, 1/15

2. Place: Taiyuan People’s Great Hall – Civic/Convention Center

3. Audience:

Camp kids with their parents and the public

4. Contents:

All time favorite Christmas songs and dances in USA and throughout the world, plus, of course, some Texas songs, to be performed by a band if available, in celebrating the Chinese New year by promoting the harmonious theme in the spirit of faith, hope and love to the people of Taiyuan.

II. USA Village – Harmonious Theme Seminars

1. Goal:

Present various life topic seminars on parenting, marriage enhancement, personal anger control and anxiety handling, self esteem and respect to others, personal joy and peace, faith vs. science and etc for a harmonious society and self fulfillment.

2. Approach:

To invite a team of Chinese Americans who are bilingual and have lived long enough in the States to tell the difference between Chinese and western culture, and personally comprehend these topics to present their understandings on what’s do’s and don’ts. And share their life experiences together with a group of panelists from the team on each topic for deeper discussions and broader interactions with the audience.

3. Plan: (during the camp time)

· 1/12-16, 10-12 AM and 3-5 PM

· Place:

To be held in the same building of the English camp or the neighboring places for the convenience of students’ parents and the public as well.

· Other charity events:

Work with local authorities to help the poor.

4. Conclusion:

The Mission Harmony team is to tour Pinyao on 7/17, then continue a 3-day tour to Beijing (great palaces, great wall, bird nest..…) , 5-day tour to five famous southern cities ending in Shanghai before  returning to USA on 1/25, or stay for one more day in China to celebrate the Chinese New Year on 1/26.

III. Need

I. The team member will pay $2000 each for a total of 16 days to cover all hotel rooms (3 and 4-star) and all transportation including round trip airfares for this mission trip from 1/12 to 16 and the extra side trip to Pinyao on 1/17, 3-day tour to Beijing(Great palaces, Great Wall, Bird Nest,..) and 5-day tour to five famous southern cities ending in Shanghai.

II. An auditorium is large enough for teaching the whole camp or half of the camp in the singing inspiration session.

III. Each classroom will have a DVD player to show the learning videos.

IV. A civic/convention center for a city wide concert with a drum set and pianos and other sound system to support the band.

V. Facilities for holding harmony seminars to the public

VI. An official approval on all of the contents of the English camp, Christmas programs, and various topics of the life seminars to present a harmonious theme to the communities together with the government.

VII. Enrollment

Accept enrollment immediately for 20 English camp teachers and 10 seminar panelists, contact John Wen, 817-888-2183,


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