Summer ’09 Mission to Taiwan and/or China

Summer ’09 Mission to Taiwan and/or China

John Wen, 817-888-2183,

V. 3

By God’s grace, Mission Harmony presents two mission opportunities to Taiwan and China this summer. The first mission is to Ligang(屏東,里港), Taiwan from 7/6-10, and the second mission continues to Taiyuan(太原), China from 7/16-21.

In between these two missions, Mission Harmony will provide two team building sight seeing trips from 7/11-12 in Taiwan and from 7/12-14 & 20-21 in China.

Choose either mission or do both.

Each participating church is encouraged to organize her own team and works as an independent team on a mission site with the Mission harmony ministry providing logistics support, transportations, accommodations, worship programs and camp handbooks.


Calling for 3 teams of 10 to 20 brothers and sisters each to continue on solidifying previous mission in Taiwan (summer ’08) and Taiyuan (winter ‘09) to further extend God’s kingdom there with local churches in the school campuses and their communities.

Families with school going kids and college students are highly encouraged to join the mission, since they are effective ambassadors for Christ (II Cor. 5:20).


Daily 90-minute worship before morning classroom session and afternoon game/sport session, and nightly EV concerts.



Three teams lead two VBS camps with English and Chinese materials in two elementary schools, 100-120 students each, and a church camp for 20-30 junior high students in the Life of Bread church of 70 members.

  • Camp site

To be held in two elementary school campuses: Yu Tang elementary school (玉田國小) and Zhai Sing elementary school (載興國小) and the Life of Bread church for junior high VBS. All sites are nearby

  • Accommodation

Stay in the nearby ranch resort with orchard, games and pools.


One team leads two Chinese Bible camps for the church’s youth and college fellowships, ~90 students each.

The other team leads a private school’s English only VBS camp (to be taught by native English speakers) for ~300 elementary and junior high students.

  • Camp site

All camps are within 5-min walk in downtown, Taiyuan. The Chinese Bible camps are held in the official Taiyuan Christian church of 35,000 members. The English only VBS camp is held in a private school.

  • Accommodation

Stay in a 6-story government hotel (roomy, 3-star) in downtown, 5-min walk to camps.

IV. Itinerary:


Fly from DFW to Kaohsiung on 7/3, or meet us arriving in the airport at 10 PM, 7/4, then charter a coach to the famous Meilong ranch resort (美濃南園休閒農場) at 11 PM. On 7/5, worship and rest.

After mission, on 7/11, we will charter a coach via visiting Taiwan’s most beautiful sceneries in Alisung Mountain, Jade Mountain and Sun Moon Lake before arriving in Taipei around 9 PM.


The rest of the team will stay overnight in Taipei, then fly to Beijing at 3 PM the next day on 7/12 to arrive there around 6 PM to continue China mission.

For those joining China mission only, they will depart from USA, 10 AM, 7/11 and arrive in Beijing at 6 PM, 7/12. We will welcome them at the airport.

To start the China mission, we will charter a coach on a 2-day team building sight seeing trip:

1. On 7/12, visit Bird Nest and the CUBE.

2. On 7/13, visit the Forbidden City, Tiaman Square, Tibet Temple and the Temple of Heaven.

3. On 7/14, after visiting the Great Wall, continuing the coach ride to our mission city, Taiyuan; along the way visiting the amazing hanging temples and caves in Tai Tung.

4. On 7/20, after mission, depart Taiyuan on 8 AM to arrive in Shanghai at 10 Am. We will tour the Chi Pao – a nearby ancient town like Venice in the afternoon, and view the night skyline of Shanghai after dinner.

5. On 7/21, the last day, finish shopping in Shanghai by 1 PM, fly home at 4 PM to arrive in DFW around 9 PM the same day.

V. Cost:


The total tax deductible cost per person is Airfare + $130-1802,3.

  1. Airport to hotel coach $ 10
  2. Bus to/from ranch daily $ 10
  3. Hotel for 7 nights3 $ 150-100
  4. MISC $ 10


The total tax deductible cost per person is Airfare + $450-5501,2,3.

  1. 2-day Beijing tour1,2 $ 150
  2. 1 day Tai Tung-Taiyun1,2 $ 100
  3. Camp hotel4 100
  4. Taiyuan-Shanghai airfare    $ 90
  5. 2-day Shanghai tour1 100
  6. MISC $ 10


  1. The tour package covers A/C coach, 3-star hotels, and site seeing entrance fees.
  2. No meals are provided
  3. Family discount on the hotel.
  4. Camp cost is covered by school, not by church
  5. Airfare is about $ 1150


  1. Taipei to Beijing airfare $ 400
  2. optional coach to Taipei  $ 50

(Via Alisung Mt, Jade Mt, and Sun

Moon lake)

VI. Enrollment:

  • Enroll by 4/12 with deposit of $200 to reserve tickets.
  • Pay the balance by 5/12.


No need for Taiwan VISA. China VISA costing $130 is a business F-1 with multiple entries in one year, under invitation by Chinese government to promote harmony society through VBS camps. Praise the Lord!

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