Mission Harmony 2010 to Taiwan and China Sharings and videos

Reflecting on the closure of Mission Harmony 2010 to Taiwan and China,  God’s amazing grace is all over us. We had 64 teammates from 15 churches for Mission Taiwan and 10 from 5 churches for Mission China.


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In Taiwan we proclaimed the gospel boldly in all three schools with warm reception! And experienced Holy Spirit working among us, students, teachers and principals. We witnessed 4-5 hundred of students coming to Lord. It was so touching to see kids shed tears, principal sing the hymn with us in closing ceremonies. One of our American teammates, having been to many oversea missions before, said she has never experienced so much touching moments like these with those adorable kids. We have left lasting impacts in Ligang and Donggang for proclaiming gospel in the years to come. In fact 3-5 more new schools would like to invite us for next year’s VBS camps. We will see how God will lead us.

Concurrent with the VBS camp, by God’s love, brother 高偉雄counseled the despaired and gave seminars to the local community, while Brother Mike Foley shared gospel thru his addict recovery with young people. After camp, Brother 呂意達and his 6-person team conducted a special youth retreat in Donggang to build up local churches’ young coworkers to grow in Christ. As I count blessings, special thanks to God for our team of 60 teammates staying in two cities, for His protecting us from any sickness, and providing us with safety, and give us the very serving hearts to glorify God.

In China we proclaimed God’s words to the youth at the Bible camp in the seminary, taught and shared messages in the church’s worship camp and children’s ministry from morning till late into nights. Three pastors, other teammates and I had the complete freedom to proclaim God’s words.  And we were all very much touched by their enthusiasm to receive God’s words and their abundant hospitality in receiving us.

The Bible camp has many youth coming far away from other neighboring provinces resulting from last year’s success. I taught Bible to a group of 55 high school students of whom 24 are 6-hour train ride away. Would you believe those HS students asked about questions in the book of Revelation, II Cor and etc?  And they are more than 100 in the fellowship now from just 6 sixteen months ago, without a formal counselor to advise. You can feel their eagerness to learn God’s words and the help they need.

College student group surprised me one afternoon by asking me to teach on salvation instead of playing games outside, while they have been taught Philippians by pastor Lin in the morning.  Ligang church’s pastor Lin and his team of three sisters are such a blessing to build Taiyuan church’s children ministry. As a small church as the Ligang church is like a mustard seed, but the work she has done in worship camp and children ministry for the Huge Taiyuan church of 40,000 is in a scale of moving mountains. How wonderful it is to see God’s blessings flows from us to Lingang, then to Taiyuan!

Every afternoon Pastor Bill Faught, I and others had 90-minute “faith and Life” Q &As open forum discussion with the whole camp. Through their questions, I appreciated of their seriousness in their faith. Pastor Faught has also prayed with me to minister the needed. In the evenings’ worship camp, he taught and shared his vision on China, which has lifted the visions of many worship leaders to heavenly worship of David’s Tabernacle for the last days.

Pastor Wun(溫梅桂牧師), a world wide evangelist, led the camp worship in mornings and evenings. With her beautiful voice, God’s name was exalted and touched many students, also helped several despaired students with her counseling after worship.

One thing I want to particularly thank God is the weather in Taiyuan dropping to low 70’s during our Bible camp from 90’s in previous weeks and after camps. When seeing those 180 so students crowded into classrooms to sleep and study Bibles in no A/C, it’s all God’s faithfulness in answering our prayers for a cool weather. PTL!

And definitely thanks for your financial supports and prayers to help conclude this year’s missions, that also supports two EV concerts in Donggang and Taiyuan by Pastor Wun (溫梅桂牧師), coworked with Donggang(東港)church in Taiwan and Ligang(里港) church in Taiyuan.

All glory be to God,

John Wen


Couple sharings from Tulsa Chinese Church

Richard’s Experience

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.  The mission trip to Taiwan was very fruitful and fulfilling.  We had the opportunity to teach English to the many children in Ligang, Pingdong.  This was our way of spreading the love of Jesus Christ to others who were less fortunate than us.  I really enjoyed helping others and this reinforced the view that loving others makes one truly joyful.  The trip opened up our eyes.  I realized just how blessed I am, and how we should use the gifts God has given us to the benefit of others.

I was very grateful for the doors that opened to allow me to go.  Originally, the plane tickets were $2,400 and I was unsure if I would be able to go.  Then God opened the door and the ticket price was lowered to $1,543.  What a wonderful start!

The mission trip was amazing.  I really loved teaching those kids.  That week was the highlight of my whole trip.  Originally, I was nervous, but then I just plunged into the teaching and forgot all about my anxiety.  I let the love flow from my heart and left the rest to God’s mighty hands.  In the process, I received much pleasure from conveying the love of Jesus Christ to others.  At the end of the mission, we all were sad when the time came for us to say our goodbyes.  Lots of kids were crying at the closing ceremony.

I had a lot of fun interacting with the kids.  They were very sweet and playful and it was pleasant to be with them.  They would offer me candy or drinks and ask me to play games with them.  They were always smiling and laughing happily.

I found that I could be happy just because I didn’t need a reason.  I have God in my company.  This trip got us outside our comfort zones as we each taught an elementary class.  There was no air conditioning in the classrooms.  In Taiwan I would often complain about the heat and humidity, yet at the school I didn’t mind at all.  I realized that I was very fortunate in the United States.  Throughout the whole experience, I kept thanking God for letting me come to Taiwan to serve.

We both thank you all for your support and prayers.  Our lives changed as we spread the love of God.  Your prayers were felt as everything went smoothly with great results at the final presentation to the parents.  Even the weather there was very good during the trip, no typhoon or heavy down pour.  Once again, thank you and God bless.

All Glory be to God,





琳佩(Rebecca)感謝主將我和家人領入ACC. 在這裡我們從不信的成為相信的也努力學習成為愛主跟隨主的基督徒. 多年來, 教會積極的鼓勵教友們參與宣教活動去傳揚神的愛. 我們也深受影響, 藉由參加主日學,小組查經及靈修來裝備自己, 期盼有一天能鼓起勇氣回應神的呼召和弟兄姐妹們一起參與短宣.

去年, 我的先生加入了由溫正祥大哥帶領的台宣隊. 短宣結束後, 見到他靈命成長的大躍進和了解到台灣里港地區學童們對神的愛的渴望, 我也在暗暗的期盼能聽到神的呼召. 由於從來沒有去過短宣, 我覺得自己資格不夠,同時也擔心工作時間上的衝突, 於是我常常在導告中求神指引, 也求神感動我的兒子,Wesley, 和我同行. 感謝主讓我靠著信心克服了這些困難, 兒子也欣然接受我的邀請一起同工.

2010年的台宣有兩大特色, 一個是里港和東港的三所小學校長決定將過去的暑期營方式改成把全校最後一周的課程完全交由台宣隊來教導, 也因此特色之二是與我們同去的青少年們也得獨當一面負責教英語課程. 感謝主, 雖然學生人數比以往多, 但主也呼召了足夠的同工. 有好幾位過去參加台宣的弟兄姐妹們熱心的分享經驗, 縮短了我許多的凖備時間. 雖然回台前仍有許多未知數, 但我知道唯有仰望神, 憑信心才能讓我順利的踏出這短宣的第一步.

里港一連六天的短宣活動至今回想起來仍然歷歷在目. 感謝神安排了四位姐妹和他們的孩子們與我一組, 其中有三位是因台宣才認識, 但因著神國的事工, 我們一見如故, 合作無間. 各姐妹不但在敬拜時段表演短劇, 講信息,帶動作, 更幫忙控制場面. 使得敬拜的流程十分順利. 活潑的孩子們每天大聲的用歌聲讚美神,讓我真實的感受到主的同在. 每天在敬拜後有兩堂英語教學時間, Wesley事先編好了課程表, 有靜態教學,動態遊戲和聖經故事, 讓二十多個活潑好動的孩子們無暇搗蛋.

雖然每個孩子都喜歡新鮮的教學方式, 遊戲更是大受歡迎, 但最讓我映象深刻的是小朋友們在聽聖經故事的專心和投入. 現在回想起來還清晰的記得他們專注的表情和當時我心裡不住的讚美. 短宣中每天看著溫正祥大哥和Amy姐為了聯繫團隊多項瑣事而到處奔波勞碌, 他們卻仍然充滿了力量, 充滿了喜樂. 溫大哥不曾把這些勞累瑣事當作一回事, 常褂在他嘴上的是” 感謝主, 我什麼也沒做, 是神成就一切事的.”

六天的台宣很快就結束了. 感謝主,此行實在豐豐富富, 開了我的心也開了我的眼. 雖然這是我第一次的短宣, 第一次帶敬拜, 但過去幾年在教會,團契小組的服事,讓我能應付有餘.

原來, 神已早有預備. 感謝主!


2010年暑假我參加溫正祥弟兄組成的台灣短宣隊,  到屏東鄉下與小學生們共度一個星期.  孩童們在校園中第一次與美國團隊相處,  他們非常喜歡同工們活潑的帶唱詩歌, 及生動的英語聖經教學.  在離別之時,  我們彼此都離情依依,  萬分不捨,  流淚承諾著一定再相見.

回想這次短宣的經歷,  深刻感受到都是神的作為.  而藉著神的兒女們所願意擺上的,  來成就祂的使命.   對我和我的孩子們而言, 感謝神給予這機會去接觸許多還不認識祂的孩童和老師,  並在他們心中撒下福音的種子.  而我們也再一次經歷許多的困難阻撓,  以及因緊緊信靠神所帶來的喜樂與得勝.  謝謝祢! 主耶穌.

Son, Jonathan Wei

I’m glad I was there with Mission Taiwan team.   I will never forget the 105 degree temperature and the laughter of the children.  God has also showed me that he was always with me by healing my bad stomach.  It really was an unforgettable time.

Daughter:  Josie Wei

I first thought the mission was very frustrating because we had to go from city to city. Then I realized how important it was to show the school what we were made for. What really made my soul soften was when everyone started crying at the last day of the mission. It was really sad to see my group leave the helpless students. I think they all really deserve to know Jesus Christ. Although I had a very rough time at the mission trip, I can always remember that I went to my first mission trip. I will never forget how we sang, danced, and taught from our souls. I hope I will visit them again.

第一次 短宣




短宣後,更加確信經上所言:「不是倚靠勢力,不是倚靠才能,乃是倚靠我的靈,方能成事。」(撒迦利亞4:6下)另一收穫是能在兒子Aaron離家上大學前有一起服事的機會和經歷,更加放心他可以獨立的照顧自己。我很珍惜這次台宣所帶來的美好回憶。感謝神!   ó


恩上加恩 – 東港短宣


話說去年有人贊助台短的團費外加日本旅遊五天四夜,不然再追加台幣現金五千奉上,卻被兩位嬌嬌女給斷然拒絕。理由: 南臺灣很熱呢! 短宣哪有留在家裡舒服! 且說,好不容易回到台灣只有兩個月,找朋友逛街都來不及了,怎有多餘時間去短宣。今年四、五月教會為台宣、中宣的擴大舉辦,已如火如荼展開宣導、開行前會議。我們一家三口乾瞪眼,絕不是因為想去短宣,倒是因為 “嫉妒” 他們都能回台灣!

在三月底我們取得了這裡的身分,而我執意要將孩子們的名字更正後再辦理護照,由於法規政令不甚清楚,要將所有的手續流程辦理完畢,時間上還真不是能掌握的。靠著主內姊妹的禱告與幫助於五月中取得正式名字後立即辦理護照。送件當日,在等候了兩個多小時,老大突然身體不適,輪到我們遞件時,她疼痛到無法站立,只想速速回家,也忘了說要辦理急件。想要在暑期辦件,就宛如尖峰時間塞車,動彈不得,只有耐著性子等。五月中旬後已陸續有了第一批返台人潮,以往我們幾乎是入列在內。兩個女兒見隔壁大嫂一家早早先返台了,心中很不是滋味,苦在心裡,在家中的白板上大大寫了– 我要回台灣!

返台,不只是探親;返台,不只是可以逛街、吃小吃;返台,是一種情感的依歸。經歷了法院更名的恩典,如今走到這裡相信神仍舊看顧。跟女兒們說: 「 迫切為護照辦理和返台禱告吧! 但返台不再只是像往年一樣是例行公事,今年要有不一樣的。一旦神成就我們所求,我們要為感恩去台宣。」孩子想到的都是負面的: 若真的護照下來,機票又訂不到有什麼用? 就算有機票,六、七月機票貴得很,八月初又要回美國了,回去沒幾天根本不划算,不如不回….。為了堅立孩子們的信心,陪著她們禱告,對她們信心喊話,我們要一起經歷神。五月三十一日,那是一個當紀念的日子,我們三人全數接到了美國護照。不是為有了護照,只為能回台灣!

聽過無數短宣見證,一開始蒙恩就是找機票。當然,我也不例外。拿到護照兩個禮拜後,我們整裝返台,票價跟二、三月時買的幾乎是相同。為我訂票的姊妹說: 這是禱告求來的,感謝神吧! 一句話道盡我心中滿滿的恩。

5/30主日禮拜後,見到了溫弟兄,告知我們母女三人如果趕得及也許可以去台宣。其實,平日在教會不常看到他的,與他們夫婦也很少有交集。 溫弟兄說: 「太好了! 今晚就有開會,你們先來開會。」當晚,他說: 「你們來得正好,我都沒去找人啊! 海濱國小還缺3-4位老師,你們正巧補上。…我只有禱告!」我真見識到溫弟兄的信心是何等的大!

說到東港海濱國小,不得提到,在禱告要返台短宣之際,曾上網查詢了台宣的三個學校的網站,其中海濱國小的網頁裡有「校內的日本神社」簡介是第九屆畢業校友所寫,現摘錄如下: 「拆神社後最高主要的建物時,該校長生病了,鬼魂之說讓校長停止拆該座建物,轉而成為孔子祠, …. 現在我們仍可看到最上層的建物(因有鬼的傳說)」那時,心想,神啊! 如果真要短宣可不可以不要被差派海濱啊? ! 我不是怕鬼啦! 我清楚地知道在我裡面的比什麼都大。但孩子還小,雖然也不是太小,又還沒受洗…。哪知? 溫弟兄直接了當的就是說你們去海濱。而介紹東港一定不能免俗要提到廟宇,那裏的王船祭更是全台戶曉,對一個基督徒而言這就是–屬靈征戰。東港台宣一行人有半數以上應都是第一次參加短宣,如此硬戰當如何得勝?  請聽下回分解!



今年是我們全家第二年 參加”台宣短宣隊” 到 台灣南部幾個國小的VBS英語營.  還記得去年2009年第一次 參加時 兩個兒子對環境和酷熱的天氣加上鄉下語言(台灣話)的 不通, 使他們甚覺辛苦都直說不要再去了. 但經過禱告,  感謝神 今年我們又回到與去年同樣的學校,  也看到去年班上的小朋友 升上了年級 變得懂事乖巧,  讓自已也倍受感動 感謝神 親自呼召 除了 Acc 教會,  還有其他美國各地教會的華人 美國人,  韓國人都參與在這個事工上,  把神的愛傳揚 帶給他們.   不只能讓小孩在小小的年紀能有機會認識神,  也讓他們的家人能聽到福音.  再經過 當地教會的澆灌 教養,  使他們能因認識神生命能從破碎的環境中轉變得著神的看顧保守.

我們做的不多,  卻從各弟  姊妹 殷勤的服事上 學到很多功課.  最重要的是讓我們全家都親自經歷神 的幫助 跨越了自已的疆界,  把服事的腳步延伸 看到更多別人的需要 這也是驅使我要再去的動力.

耶穌說 作在這最小的人身上 , 就如同作在我身上一般.  願 神親自祝福這個事工 和所有參與在其中的每一個人.  知道我們所做的不是徒然的,  感謝神 把一切的榮耀都歸給神.   阿們!

Taiwan Mission

By Abraham Hsu Jr (4th grader)

My mission to Taiwan was very, very fun.  I had a very good time there. The kids, the teachers, the families, everything, every single thing was its best.  Most of the kids in my class were very fun.  Sometimes some of them were very amusing, other times serious, nice, and disobedient because they were trying to amuse a little humor.

At the local church,, I saw many kids from last year’s class.  All of which had greeted my Mom, Dad, my brother Joshua and of course, me too. We also visit a kid named John from last year of our class (had changed his name to Harry) and learned that his family has many troubles, his parents divorced.  He only lives with his grandparents and uncle just got out from the jail, they only can sell some fruit for living, but John has been changed since last year.  He became a good and nice student.  Dad took him with us to go shopping something for him.  He was very happy that we can go back again and I was glad I decided to go back again too.

I will carry all of these memories and experience for life.


不 夠

*  詩篇118:8  *


常有人驚訝我們台宣和中宣隊的陣容龐大。2007 年台宣首次出隊便有11人, 2008年有了20 人, 2009年便到了33人去台宣和27人去中宣, 今年更是到了60人去台宣和18人去中宣。

這都是出於神信實的成全, 可是 神卻是要我們“不夠”。回想 2008年台宣有20人時, 我們足夠有餘的來帶領一所學校五個班的夏令營。但就在出發前三週, 當地另一間國小要求我們去帶他們的夏令會, 因為沒有任何佛教團體像往年一樣的帶他們。面臨這麼好的傳福音機會, 心中也有平安, 當下我們便把台宣隊分成兩隊去兩個國小辦VBS夏令營。

我們原本是“足夠” 帶一個國小的, 現卻因要帶兩個國小, 就變成“不夠”。本是“陣容浩大”, 卻成了“勢力單薄”。以後歷年也是如此, 今年更是挑戰, 不但台宣要帶全校, 四倍大於往年的夏令營, 學生人數近千,  且多加了一間遠在東港的國小。面臨這麼大的需要, 台宣隊要加倍人力才行, 可是到了五月初時, 才只有五十人。然而我深信神會信實的成就祂的事工, 就只有禱告 神, 也沒告訴任何人。到了五月底時, 一下著有了十人確定成行, 且都可以獨當一面的年青人。

尤其是東港隊, 除了調來各方“大將”, 還有鼎鼎大名溫梅桂牧師做隨隊牧師, 足足夠夠的準備好了去台灣這個拜偶像的重鎮, 打一場屬靈的硬戰。然而, 到時出了些意外, 我們又不夠了。另玉田和載興兩隊也是如此。

原來神是確實的信實供應、滿足了我們的需要。然而, 他就是要我們“不夠”、不叫我們 “足夠”得自恃“兵強馬壯”(賽31:1); 祂要我們信靠祂,“不是倚靠勢力、不是倚靠才能、乃是倚靠祂的靈、方能成事”(亞4:6), 要知道祂才是成就一切的。


聖經從創世紀第一章後, 共有1188 章, 正中間的一章是詩篇118 篇;  而那記在所有31,173經節裡, 正中間的一節經文便是詩篇118:8,

“投靠耶和華, 強似依賴人”。


* Psa 118:8 *

John Wen

People are often surprised by the large size of our mission teams: 11 persons to Taiwan in 2007 the first time. Afterwards, 20 persons to Taiwan in 2008, 33 persons to Taiwan and 27 to China in 2009. Then 60 persons to Taiwan and 18 persons to China in 2010 this year.

This is all by God’s faithfulness, but  God wants us to be “not enough”.  Reflecting on 2008, we had a large team of 20 persons to conduct a 5-class VBS camp in an elementary school from the outset.  We can take care of less than one hundred of  students “well enough”. Just three weeks before we started the camp, another school begged us to come to their campus, since no Buddhist organizations will come to help them this year like before. Facing such an evangelic opportunity and I felt peace so I decided to split the team into two to lead two VBS camps in both schools at the same time. Some of our teammates didn’t even know about it until they landed in Taiwan.

We were “well enough “ to take care of one school,  but now we became “not enough”  for two schools;  were  having  “strong  presence”, but  now became “weak showing” in conducting two schools’ VBS camps.

In the following years, this same thing played out for our mission teams again and again. Especially in this year, we took over the whole school’s curriculum for the last week of schools, not just one but three schools. And each school’s VBS camp is four times the size of previous camps in the summer. Also, by adding a new school in Donggang located one hour drive away from Ligang, it really added enough difficulty to our mission.

I knew that we will need to double this year’s mission team in order to carry out all the tasks. But by early May, we only had 50 persons enrolled, at least short of 10 persons. But I had no fear, believed that God will provide it to meet our needs in His faithfulness,  since He called upon me to start Taiwan mission four years ago. Without telling anybody, I just prayed. At the end of May, suddenly ten folks decided to join in, and most of them are older teenagers who can teach by themselves alone. Praise the Lord!

Especially the Donggang team for the new school, I assigned several spiritual leaders including chorus conductor, youth worship leaders, and other mature coworkers to form this new team. On top of that, a worldwide famous anointed Pastor Wun came aboard to ministered them. I felt that this team is “well enough” to fight the special spiritual battle in one of the few most important idol worship centers in Taiwan.

But unexpected things happened again, actually as usual, we became “not enough”, it happened to other two teams as well. God has indeed provided us with three large,  “well enough”  teams to carry out His missions. But God wanted us not to feel “well enough” in boasting  of our “strong horsemen and chariots”(Isa 31:1), instead, he wanted us to feel “not enough” so that we will depend on Him; “not by our might, nor by our power, but by His Spirit”(Zech 4:6),  and knew that He is the one who did it.

P.S. : After chapter one of Geneses,  there are 1188 chapters in the Bible,  the center chapter is Psa 118, and the center verse of all 31,173 verses is Psa 118:8:

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

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