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MT 2023 plan Taidong









MT2023 English Gospel Camp schedule Chinese-English Methodist Taidong 0320 - Copy


MT2023 English Gospel Camp schedule Chinese-English Baptist Taidong 0320








Mission Houses

By God’s grace, Mission Taiwan has set up two long term mission houses in the city center of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

After 13 years of summer missions to many elementary schools in southern Taiwan, we are entrusted by Lord Jesus to embark this long term mission to the young pro communities. As a great starting point, from where our mission houses established, there are More than 1200 young people already in this particular 8 16-story towers building community.

See the PDF charts below for details FYP – For Your Prayers. For 2 to 6 month missions, contact: johnwentx@yahoo.com, 817 888 2183

MT Mission House and Mission Dec 2021 中文

MT Mission House and Mission English


繼十三年台灣暑期英文福音營,九年前里港的宣教 及二年前高雄英文好望角後,


求問主繼續用我們在屏東鄉下短宣及高雄社區長宣 。                 

願神的感動及主恩典的召喚,在聖靈帶引下,幫助我們在台灣及日後在中國行出神心意裡的宣道使命。即日收理長宣申請:一期為2 至 6 個月。


Mission Taiwan 2019 sharing


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See the Magic ED showing the magic colors of Salvation:


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 最後離世前, 耶穌又對門徒說: 「父怎樣差遣了我、我也照樣差遣你們。」(約20:21) 

 A mission follows  the Way  how Jesus was sent by God

“.. As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” (John 20:21, 17:18)

Dr. Charles Stanley (www.intouch.org) said that the Biblical basis of worldwide missions is to carry out God’s will by the witness of His people and the church.  And for that purpose alone, He empowers us (Act 1:8) to witness the world His goodness (Matt 5:16), not just to enjoy happy lives for ourselves.  Since the world is so messed up (Eph 2:1-3), our God cares about the people (Rom 10:13), He wants us to wake them up (Rom 10:14) by our own witnessing or send others (Rom 10:15). So we are either goers or senders in God’s world.

As for Mission Harmony to Taiwan and China, the additional Biblical basis for Taiwan mission is to return to God the glory long given to other gods(Isa 42:8-12),  and for China mission is to build God’s army to fight the anti-Christ at the end time(Dan 11:44, Rev 9:15, 16:12).

In Taiwan, there are so many gods, especially in southern Taiwan, small townships like Ligang has 25 temples besides the nearby huge Buddhist Mountain. God told prophet Isaiah that He will “made a covenant mediator (Jesus) for people, and a lightto the nations”(Isa 42:7), then He declared that “I will not share my glory with anyone else, or the praise due me with idols.” (Isa 42:8)

The calling of Mission Taiwan is “to sing to the Lord a new song to praise Him”(Isa 42:10) by leading people there to exalt Him in worship, witnessing Him with our multi-church team serving together “under one God, one faith and one baptism(Eph 4:5)” in harmony so that people may believe Jesus is from God(John 17:21),  and rejoicing in Him to spread His love.

On the calling of China mission, it’s in God’s end time plan. Israelis are God’s chose people, He cares about them to the end. Israel has depended on USA to survive and to thrive in this end time. At the time of the end (Dan 11:4)) when the anti-Christ invades Israel to slaughter them (Dan 11:41), and magnifies himself above God (Dan 11:37-38), from where will her rescuer come? Not USA, but China (Dan 11:44), how unbelievable it is!

So we going to mission China and Taiwan are keenly in God’s mind, and so honored to follow His will in carrying out His plan. Alleluia!



Mission 2016 Taiwan  and China Sharing

(English version followed this Chinese sharing)

Sep 11, 2010 Mission Taiwan team of 60 teammates from 15 churches conducted English VBS camps for 900 so elementary students at two schools in Ligang and one school in Donggang in southern Taiwan from 6/28-7/3, 2010. Good and faithful servants, missions were accomplished! Mission China team of 10 teammates from 5 churches conducted Bible camp and Children VBS camp during the day, and worship camp in the evenings, plus a EV concert on Saturday night from 7/6-11, 2010. Taiwan’s Ligang church led the worship camp and children VBS camp. Missions were accomplished, good and faithful servants!

John Wen


接著,另一台宣隊再來到屏東從里港到東營十校的十營會(600人,80隊員),全隊住Doris筱雯所精心安排的摘星山莊,她是神所特別呼召的台宣本地同工。不同於往年,神差派了三位講英語信息的隊員在各校輪講,其中一位是來自日本的老美福音的魔術師(Magic ED),更是造成孩子的轟動及尖叫*。配合各隊的詩歌敬拜**,孩子們心中的福音


離台前的週末,Magic ED和我到平鎮教會(~350人)繼續兒童傳道的魔術事工及三堂主日信息的事奉。最後一次信息完後的呼召便有約廾人信主***,感謝主呼召了近八成營會孩子們信主後,再次以祂大能的話語呼召了更多的人歸向祂。

台東 – 屏東 – 桃園的宣道結束後,佩帆繼續進行兩場營會:宜蘭(75人,20隊員)及台北(55人,6隊員)。都因各地隊員一心的擺上為主爭戰,齊力合一的完成了今年的台宣使命。耶穌心慰的像對過去的隊員一樣,也對我們今年的台宣隊員說了: 「又良善又忠心的僕人!」(太25:21, 23)。感謝讚美主!




First time we did Taidong mission(~110 students, 21 teammates), having experienced Pindong mission for years, we were totally amazed by students’ attention and enthusiasm to learn about God and English. One afternoon we visited a nursing home to comfort 30 so old folks. After singspiration, I was invited to give a spontaneous message, afterwards, I called them to receive Jesus by waving both hands in their wheelchairs. Instantly, 8 joyfully received Jesus, two more after personal consultation. Later in the evening, we all went to pray for the church being started in the tribal village and worshiped God there.

Next, another Mission Taiwan team of 80 teammates conducted 10 camps in 10 schools from Ligang to Dongang with ~600 students. Thanks to Doris’ hard work , the whole team was able to stay in one nice conference center. We had a new strategy for this years’ mission, three English message speakers were going around to proclaim Gospel in each camp. And this was just arrangement only in the last few days by God’s will. Thanks be to God, it helps a lot. Especially, one speaker is a magician from Japan, using magic to explain the gospel*, raising sensational responses from all kids and their joyful screaming were heard all over the campuses. Right during the rehearsals of our camps’ final presentations, the super Typhoon came, we had to presented it earlier, just in time to wrap up the camp and departed safely.

Just before going home, Magic ED and me conducted the final weekend mission in a Taoyuan church of ~350 people. ED was proclaiming the truth with his magic to raise all kinds of sensations and again, with screaming laugh like in Pingdong. I delivered the Sunday message three times. Upon finishing the last one, I made a altar call, one raised hand, called again, two more, then being touched, I asked those who raised hands to come to front for the prayers by the whole church. To my surprise, many folks were walking to the front, ~20, praising God for the great power of His word to change people’s lives.

As Taidong, Pingdong and Taoyuan missions were completed, Peifan diligently led two more camps in Yilan( 75 students with 20 teammates) and Taipei(55 students with 6 teammates). It is all due to our teammates single minded to fight the spiritual warfare for Christ, they were working harmoniously in unity to once again fulfill God’s great commission in this year’s Taiwan mission. Jesus said to our MT 21016 teammates just as those Mission Taiwan teams before: “Well done, good and faithful servants!” (Mat 25:21, 23).

* In one act, he asked the children for a snicker to fill a drink, as he poured down the water into the shoe, kids were screaming. Then, he pulled out a cup of black water from the snicker and asked anyone to drink it, they all despised him. In unbearable disguise he raised the cup and drank it amid the screaming of all the children. He then said to them, I drank the cup of your dirty feet washing water to clean your feet. And so your heart was as dirty as your feet, likewise, Jesus drank the dirty heart washing water for you to clean your heart.

**In one new school camp we encountered a strong will woman pastor who insisted on leading the camp and asked her young co-workers to lead the worship and taught some English words. We had to stand by and watched in despair, the result was loud scolding from the altar and naughtily noisy reaction from the students. In the evening team meeting, we decided to take back the camp. On the next day we were back in full control, led by Morris, soon the camp was filled with love and encouragement, in lesser than one hour the kids were happily singing the hymns on the stage one class after another, enjoying the love of God.

Mission Videos:

Mission Taiwan 2015 brief 

Mission Taiwan 2015 in one of the 12 schools (九如國小)


MT 2016 news bits..

Welcome aboard MT 2016’s English Gospel Camp!

But we cannot really teach much English, since most of the kids, even at middle grades,  are still at the 1st grade level.  For a week of camp we will try to let the kids experience the live English with us through our interaction with them  in listening and speaking, instead of focusing on learning some vocabularies and grammars. Hopefully by doing so, they will somewhat overcome the barrier inside and start to learn English at ease.

However we surely can share God’s love easily no matter how small the kids are. The number one thing to share God’s love is the everlasting endurance (fortunately, it’s only 5 days!), from us those kids will feel the love and want to seek our God of the true love.

Prayerfully, every kid at the end will say that I like to learn English and know Jesus as well, just like those kids wrote down on their camp feedback forms before.

May God’ grace be with you always.


mission harmony: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1450006715253133/

ID: 8178882183, Password: lika00


MH 2015年台宣和中宣

In fulfilling God’s will, Mission Harmony(MH) to Taiwan and China is announcing this year’s mission from 7/5 to 10 in Taiwan and 6/28 to 7/3 in China. By His grace this is MH’s 9th year missions with our team of 130 teammates in 2014 from many parts of the country. In the past 8 years, we have outreached 4-5 thousands of elementary students and hundreds of college students working as translators via English Gospel Camps in 14 school campuses supported by local churches. This year, as more schools are asking for our English gospel camps, please pray for God’s calling coming upon you to share His love in Taiwan and China. See more info below.

Jesus is telling us: “.. open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. Even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that the sowers of (the past mission teams ) and the (coming new teams of) reapers may be glad together.” ( John 4:35-36)

中宣自2007年起每年暑期联合各教会去屏東十餘國小校園舉辦英文福音營,2015年短宣訂在6/28至7/3(中宣)及7/5至10(台宣)。今年台宣的营会要擴大到万丹,加上原來的里港,九如和東港及潮洲, 而中宣要去深圳。這一切都求神旨意的成就。盼望在求問神的祷告中, 衪的呼召臨到您, 去台灣或去中國分享衪的愛。

耶穌叫我们舉目向田觀看,莊稼已經熟得發白,可以收割了。 求神感召我们去收割、得工價、積蓄五穀到永生,叫台宣和中宣隊过去撒種的和將去收割的一同快樂。(約4:35-36)


耶穌快要離世前, 對神禱告說: 「你怎樣差我到世上,我也照樣差他們到世上」(約17:18)。

耶穌是神所差遣到世上的最偉大的宣教士,他如今也照樣差我們在世上傳福音。耶穌差我們就像神差他一樣, 因為他如何,我們在這世上也如何 (約一4:17)。耶穌如何的合神心意, 我們做為他所差的台宣工人也該如是。

耶穌首先「自己分別為聖」(約17:19)。他原本是神, 降世為人, 尚且求聖潔, 我們活在這悖謬世代中理當手潔心清的預備自己做台宣。

耶穌「不但為這些人祈求,也為那些因我們的話信他的人祈求」(約17:20)。同樣的, 耶穌要我們先為今年台宣過千的國小學生和卅餘位大學生因我們的話信他的人祈求。

耶穌「在神裡面, 神也在他裡面」(約17:21), 耶穌有聖靈內住和神完全的合而為一。我們台宣隊來自各教會在一主、一信、一洗之下,和諧的聯結、竭力的保守聖靈所賜合而為一的心(弗 4:2-6)。耶穌在我們裡面、父神在他裡面, 使我們完完全全的合而為一, 便叫人知道神差了耶穌來到世上 (約17:23)。

同樣的, 當我們台宣大隊從各地各處齊聚里港地區高舉耶穌名、同心合一的事奉時, 當地的人便會看到我們是耶穌差來的、看到我們所信的神是如何的偉大、看到神的榮耀從我們身上彰顯出來!

他們也會從我們身上看到我們愛主的心是如何的大, 台宣隊員捨得花錢買旺季机票、用寶貴假期、冒著南台灣的炎夏、年復一年來到這鄉下, 也沒什麼名勝古蹟可看, 只在汗流夾背下教英文、傳福音。當地的人看到了神的愛是如何的吸引我們, 他們因而知道了神先愛我們, 愛世人、甚至將他的獨生子耶穌賜給他們、叫一切信他的、不至滅亡、反得永生。這些人便知道神為他們的救恩差了耶穌來到世上, 就知道我們台宣隊是為了神的愛而被耶穌差來到里港、九如和東港這些假神林立的鄉下地方愛他們, 帶他們衝破黑暗權勢, 向神唱新歌、讚美他、榮耀他、歸入耶穌。

 台宣回顧 MT 2014 Reflection

温正祥John Wen


在台宣结束了第八個年頭時,一路到机場,在等飛机到飛行中,心中百感交集。除了像往年的使命完成感,加上的是今年在主裡的分享:營会前在里港的培靈会及会後在東港的佈道会及大專營。又在台北時各樣在主裡的交集:有台宣隊員住在Anita家的交誼和聖經研討,全福会的分享,佩帆家的宣道策劃,Live ABC公司的合作小型營会,台北国際教会的主日敬拜和AWANA在屏東發展的討論,最後又約去年傳过福音的廖先生拜訪遠在平鎮的客福神學院,在Anita的分享後由温院長帶领下信了主。真是何等的恩典臨到了我们今年的台宣之旅!


It’s all by God’s grace, 130 of us, MT 2014 team, from USA, Canada, China, Taiwan and Germany including four church teams worked together in harmony to outreach over 1000 students and 100 college/high school teaching assistants in 10 elementary campuses to fulfill His great commission in Taiwan. Thank God for calling us to suffer little for Jesus, so that we may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed (I Pet 4:13)

As I was reflecting on this 8th year’s mission on my way to the airport, waiting to board and on the flight, a feeling of mission accomplished came on with additional thought of Ligang revival meeting before the camp and Dongang college camp afterwards. Plus few days in Taipei with teammates’ fellowships at Anita’s home, mission meeting at Missy’s home and also with Live ABC company on mini camps, a blessed Sunday worship with Pastor Porter’s powerful message in Taipei International church and AWANA discussion afterwards, capped by the leading of Mr. Lia (who I shared gospel with after last year’s mission) to Christ with Anita and Pastor Wen of Hakka Seminary in Taoyuan. How great His grace is upon our MT 2014!

May God continue to use us to fulfill His will in returning the glories of all kinds of gods back to Him and turning people’s praising of idols to Him in Taiwan (Isa 42:6-10). May our Father in heaven, hallowed be His name, His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Mat 6:9-10).

   “..  you would see the glory of God.” 

“.. 你不就必看見神的榮耀嗎?”(John 11:40)

 MT 2013

Mission Taiwan 2013 Team of 84 teammates completed English gospel camp for 1100 students in 12 schools in Ligang, Taiwan as in the past 6 years.  It’s all by God’s work in using us once again to extend His kingdom in southern Taiwan. At the outset of this year, MT2013 team has no one, I recalled what Jesus said in John 11:40: “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”   He said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that God sent him.(John 11:42)

Each of us, Mission Taiwan, 2013 and in the past 6 years, is and has been sent by God  “for the benefit of the people standing here” – in Taiwan, in USA, believers or non-believers standing around and watching. So they will see the glory of God and the mark of grace upon us.

Please continue to pray for us and the students, elementary and college, and to remember our financial need in supporting long term mission house- currently Judy Thompson sent by San Diego Chinese Church, and another missionary is coming soon – Anna Lawler from Houston, TX..

May God bless us our chief end be to glorify Him and enjoy Him.


今年台宣隊已有過了84人在五地十校向一千一百多的學生傳講耶穌。又是神親自的作為, 應許了我們的禱告, 再次用了我們這夥人去南台灣的同一鄉鎮、年復一年擴允衪的國度! 感謝主!

年初時, 台宣隊還沒有一人, 記起耶穌說:「我不是對你說過,你若信,就必看見神的榮耀嗎?」(約 11:40) 他說這話, 是為周圍站著的眾人, 叫他們信是神差了他來。(約 11:42)

我們台宣隊, 今年和過去6年來, 每一個人都是神所差的, 要叫 「周圍站著的眾人」- 在台、在美, 主內、主外四周的人, 看見神的榮耀; 更看見神在我們身上恩典的記號。

Mission Harmony Alliance’s  Mission Taiwan and Mission China  teams  exalt Jesus Christ who became flesh and dwelt among His people. And proclaim His gospel of Faith, Hope and Love to lead people to reconcile with God thru Jesus’ salvation so that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life to enjoy peace and joy in His kingdom.


  MHA back AnitaMission Harmony To Taiwan + China Ministry

台宣和中宣(Mission Harmony to Taiwan and China)為青少年舉辦暑期英文福音營, 以敬拜來宣揚主耶穌, 用中英文講聖經故事, 教會話、造句、唱遊、舞蹈、遊戲和做手工藝來提供青少年一個活潑的美語村少年樂園(ESL Village and Kids’ Place)。

因著神的恩典,台宣能在佛光山前的里港和拜媽祖興盛的東港國小舉辦暑期, 甚至上課期間全校的英文聖經營, 帶領數百青少年信主, 興旺福音, 並鼓勵、造就當地教會的同工。中宣繼台宣後, 前往中國太原舉辦中文青少年聖經營, 並培訓師資。除青少年營會之外, 又舉辦一系列成年社區的專題講座, 福音音樂會及關懷輔導當地的信徒。

Sharing Faith, Hope and Love in Jesus through Conducting English-Chinese Gospel Camps from elementary schools to colleges and Chinese Bible Camps and Life-Faith Seminars in churches