Mission Taiwan 2017 Brief




On the last day of the annual English Gospel Camp I was shocked when a big boy in the hallway told me: “I  am about to cry”. Holding my breath on thinking of what to say on that kind of trouble he may have, then , he turned his head away and said: “You are all leaving soon”.

Sister Joan was so touched to see 4 girls weeping together heavily in the final day,  it was the first time in her 8 years of  mission. In her heart she deeply believed that the holy Spirit will continue to lead them to Christ thru the love they received in their hearts.

As we were exiting the school, a girl holding her mom told us, she was sad because she will graduate next year. Amy and I told her to come back to work as a teaching assistant.

Reflecting on the past 10 years of Taiwan mission, many of the over 10 thousands of students have graduated from college, some became believers, some were studying in the seminary and some more went on to be ministers serving in churches and missionaries.

Praise the Lord for His calling over 700s of brothers and sisters in Christ from US and aboard to fulfill His good purpose by using Mission Taiwan ministry in these 11 years.  Pray to Jesus for continuing to send us to extend His glorious kingdom in Taiwan.

  • Something special about this year’s mission,  in several occasions some local brothers and sisters came up to tell me that they came believers all because of learning about Jesus in their childhood. They encouraged us to press on,  doing this very meaningful job!
  • Sister Monica from HK wrote this after mission:

Amen! It’s evident that God has been doing amazing work thru the Taiwan Mission  ministry!  You know, when Cherry n I ran back to deliver gifts to the students, we saw two 5th grade boys crying. We took a few pictures w them n some remaining 5th grade students.

As I look at the photos, we can still see the sadness in their faces. Our good good Father is compassionate.  He has began His good work in them n He will bring it to completion. The harvest is at hand, may He raise workers to partner with Him!

All glory be to God!

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