A Godly Mindset to trump the Law of Sin

Recently, I have been going to BSF on Romans, from just finished two chapters, 6 and 7, they proved especially challenging as we struggled to gain a perspective of the struggle that Paul talks about in his own life while contrasting that to the struggles we face in ours.

While from a non-believers point-of-view, it may seem contradictory that the God who saves us, leaves us to flounder in our human nature as we struggle between doing what is good and succumbing to what is bad. They may even go on to raise the question: why does this paradox exist and what is the point of following God’s laws?

Although chapter 7:15-25 is challenging, it is extremely powerful to realize that the daily struggles we face, we do not face alone. We have the power of God that raised Jesus from the dead to face, cope and overcome the struggles we battle.

Paul thanks God for being thru Christ for rooting(11:16-17) his mind on the law of God, he submits to God; but with the law of Sin back in sight his old self still submits to sins(7:25). And this is the war he faced daily between these two laws, the law of sin is trying to captivate him thru his body parts (7:23), but thru Christ in mind he overcomes.

To have this mindset rooted on God’s law, he said, it is by baptism into Jesus’ death to put Sin’s control to death, and by receiving His Spirit in us to live like His resurrection (6:3-5). All our rooting of this Godly mindset is from believing we died with Christ, also is living with Him inside (6:8).

This Godly mindset brings out our newness of spirit to live a new spiritual life for God’s good purpose, it overcomes the oldness of our sinful “soulish” nature for self destruction(7:6, Phil 3:19-20). This is all by the power of Jesus in us thru our faith by God’s grace. PTL!


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