Kingdom of the heaven has come upon Dogang church

From Pastor Tseng of Dongang church in his Chinese praising letter:

Translated by John Wen


At the end of the evangelic evening meeting of last year’s mission camp(2013), many volunteer coworkers came to Lord. Two of them wanted to be baptized right away, but Pastor hold these high schoolers to hold back for concerning their families’ beating them up. Dongang is one of Taiwan’s big idol center of more than 130 temples, some of which are promoted as nation’s pride. 

A month later these two were influenced by demons and so were some other young brothers and sisters. Pastor Tseng started a 24 – hour prayer group of 12 baptized believers to ask Jesus for help, some said of never doing so by spending 6 hours a day in prayers. 

One hot August day, one of these two from very idolatry background was brought to see the hell to be completely scary to see the horrible burning lake and the tormenting souls inside, that alone made him wanting to be baptized right away. Then He was brought to the heaven to be awed by the beauty within and wanted to stay. Meanwhile more of these spiritual wearied things were going on in the church. As the demo army was advancing scarily one day in Aug, he saw God’s angels came to defeat them away. This is his first time seeing angels, not only scary demos like before. His vision greatly encouraged the church.

Soon after 9 youths came to be baptized, all the weird things in the church were gone, the church with 40 youths experienced and still is going through a major spiritual revival to seek God in studying the Bible, serving church’s various community projects, going to mission and love each other. And two were called to serve full time minsters. Praise the Lord for His glory returned to Him from the local gods( Isa 42:8-10).

The church and all the youth are now very brave from filling with the Spirit to fight off more demons existed locally and from southeast Asians who came to work and brought these foreign unclean spirits with them into Dongang.

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