Judgement Mercy and Humility

  • Reflection on Matt 5-7

How we would want others to measure us with, we would do the same to others. (Matt 7:2,12) Wanting for more mercy than judgement from others is our desire, so do others. (Matt 7:1-2) Jesus pointed out the desirable measuring tool is gracious mercy not acute judgement. (7:2) 

It is easy to look for others’ faults as small as they may be(dust), but not much on seeing our flesh’s sins as large as they are(beam). It will take humble hearts to lower ourselves to fit in others’ shoes not to find faults in judgement. (Matt 7:3-5)

On the other side, the judgement also shows in throwing open our own treasured understanding on God’s words, and perceived holy practices to others and imposing on them, non-believers and fellow believers alike. It is not only showing unintended pride, but also leading to rebuke and even attack from others. (Matt7:6) On that, Jesus teaches his disciples not to pray publicly, to tell good deeds openly and to show off fasting. (Matt6:1-7) It is also what Solomon reflected in Ecc 7:16, “Do not be righteous overmuch, neither make yourself overwise; why destroy yourself? ” Here, “be righteous” means more in showing the righteousness acts than doing them according to Hebrew word. 

To SEEK mercy and humility to others, Jesus teaches us to ASK from God by diligently KNOCKing hard on His door to get His blessings whenever in need. (Matt 7:7-8) For that our heavenly Father will do much more than how our earthly fathers do to help his children with earthly things. HOW (the key word in Matt7:11) does our God help? He has sent His best, His Spirit, the holy Spirit residing in our hearts to guide us to walk straight and comfort us. (Matt7:9-12, Luke 11:5-13) It is up to us as God’s children to SEEK His help in KNOCKing the Holy Spirit’s door in our hearts to ASK for His help with mercy and humility in times of judgement to others.

Reflecting back on the Beatitudes, Jesus taught his disciples to ASK God in spiritually poor (5:3), sin mourning (5:4) and pure (5:8) hearts, to SEEK His meekness (5:5), merciful Grace (5:7) and being a peace maker (5:9) to others by KNOCKing on His door diligently (5:6, Luke 11:8) even suffers for Him (5:10) to obtain these two utmost blessings: Mercy and Humility, which we were required by God in walking with Him to doing righteousness,  and need most. (Mic 6:8) And these are the narrow way and the narrow gate for Jesus disciples to carry on their crosses to run on, to the fullness of their eternal life. (7:13-14) Amen.

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