What’s the particular Biblical basis for Mission Harmony to Taiwan and China?

John Wen, 2/13/2010

Dr. Charles Stanley (www.intouch.org) said that the Biblical basis of worldwide missions is to carry out God’s will by the witness of His people and the church.  And for that purpose alone, He empowers us (Act 1:8) to witness the world His goodness (Matt 5:16), not just to enjoy happy lives for ourselves.  Since the world is so messed up (Eph 2:1-3), our God cares about the people (Rom 10:13), He wants us to wake them up (Rom 10:14) by our own witnessing or send others (Rom 10:15). So we are either goers or senders in God’s world.

As for Mission Harmony to Taiwan and China, the additional Biblical basis for Taiwan mission is to return to God the glory long given to other gods(Isa 42:8-12),  and for China mission is to build God’s army to fight the anti-Christ at the end time(Dan 11:44, Rev 9:15, 16:12).

In Taiwan, there are so many gods, especially in southern Taiwan, small townships like Ligang has 25 temples besides the nearby huge Buddhist Mountain. God told prophet Isaiah that He will “made a covenant mediator (Jesus) for people, and a lightto the nations”(Isa 42:7), then He declared that “I will not share my glory with anyone else, or the praise due me with idols.” (Isa 42:8)

The calling of Mission Taiwan is “to sing to the Lord a new song to praise Him”(Isa 42:10) by leading people there to exalt Him in worship, witnessing Him with our multi-church team serving together “under one God, one faith and one baptism(Eph 4:5)” in harmony so that people may believe Jesus is from God(John 17:21),  and rejoicing in Him to spread His love.

On the calling of China mission, it’s in God’s end time plan. Israelis are God’s chose people, He cares about them to the end. Israel has depended on USA to survive and to thrive in this end time. At the time of the end (Dan 11:4)) when the anti-Christ invades Israel to slaughter them (Dan 11:41), and magnifies himself above God (Dan 11:37-38), from where will her rescuer come? Not USA, but China (Dan 11:44), how unbelievable it is!

So we going to mission China and Taiwan are keenly in God’s mind, and so honored to follow His will in carrying out His plan. Alleluia!

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