2014 Christmas Party For the Homeless and The Needy with OPCI

MT Merry Christmas 2014John Wen溫正祥, 12/21/2014


Upon entering into the annual Operational Care Int’l* Christmas party for the homeless and the poor in Dallas convention center on Sat (12/20), I was impressed by the huge crowd and many volunteers like us Mission Harmony – Mission Taiwan Team of 8. (* OPCI join MH 2011 for  successful missions in Taiwan and China)

While volunteers were busily helping the crowd with matching up eye glasses, sorting out clothing, washing feet and putting on new shoes, cutting hair, playing games, giving gifts, fitting toys, serving meals and doing other services. At the far end side, I saw a multitude of people standing in several lines wait for their turns to get into a huge prayer room with chairs already set up in circles. There were only 10 prayer warriors busily taking the call to pray, I invited 4 of our MT team to join the praying service.

I have never seen so large a multitude of crowd of 2-3 hundreds waiting patiently for prayers! Amy and I led one family or two sitting down to share a brief Gospel, then asked them what we can pray for you, and be specific. Some were eager to share their need, some were more hesitant, soon one by one they asked our prayers over their special needs and burdens. We listened intently and prayed by the Spirit. Till now, I’m still feel shocked by their eagerness to seek the Lord’s divine power in helping them! People need the Lord.

There were general prayer requests about their and families’ health, illness, learning, school work, money, car, rent and job issue, and some special needs in witch haunting, devil possession, infirmity, domestic fight, family feud in generations, teenagers’ behavior problems, father’s leadership, addictions, need of forgiveness, salvation for relatives and etc. During prayers, they all listened intently holy, often used their hands to wipe out tears, and some wept. By the Spirit we pray for our Lord’s mercy to comfort them, His strength and strengthen them, His richness to enrich them, His presence to protect them, and ended by encouraging them with Christ being our blessed hope (Tit 2:13)and the glorious hope (Col 1:27) in this chaotic world.

Feeling God’s blessing pouring upon them, they all went delighted from relieving of their earlier weariness and burdens. Just like other gifts and loving services, we were able to give  to them the spiritual gifts of joy and peace from our Lord Jesus through our intercession prayers in Christ (1Tim 2:1).

In the same Spirit, May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and Happy New year in 2015!


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