Seven Words for Christmas

John Wen, 12/22/2018, 2021

Christmas greeting English card 7 words

 I. Savior

Mary in the Holy Spirit’s pregnancy praised: My spirit delighted in God and my Savior, and in the house of his servant David raised up a horn of salvation for us – the mighty Savior. (Luke 1:47, 69)

The angel told Joseph: “The son of Mary will be named Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). God raised up the Savior, from Joshua (Joshua) who brought His elect into Canaan, meaning “God saves”; to Jesus (Jesus, Jeshua in Hebrew) who sent His beloved son to the world, became named ” He saves”, the mighty savior who saves all who believe in him from sins.

II. Redemption

Zechariah, the father of John who asked people to turn to the Savior, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and he prophesied: The Lord God should be blessed! Because he cares for his people and redemption for them. (Luke 1:16-17, 67-68)

Because the world has sinned and is short of the glory of God; but now he is justified freely by God’s grace because of the redemption of Christ Jesus. Since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. (Rom 3:23-24, 5:1)

III. Salvation

Then, he kindly said to the child John: You must be called the prophet of the Most High; because you must walk in front of the Lord and prepare his way so that his people will know salvation because of the forgiveness of their sins. (Luke 1:76-77)

God’s salvation, power, kingdom, and His Christ authority are now here! Because the one who accuses our brethren day and night before our God has been thrown down. The brethren surpassed it because of the blood of the Lamb and the way he witnessed. Although they die, they don’t care about their lives. (Revelation 12:10-11) Therefore, the people chosen by God must wear the helmet of salvation, put on the full armor of God, and endure everything, so that they may also receive the salvation in Christ Jesus and eternal of glory. (Eph 6:13-18, 2 Tim 2:100

IV. Peace

He continued to praise God’s mercy. He asked the sun to illuminate the people sitting in the darkness and the shadow of death and guide them to the road of peace. (Luke 1:79)

Our God of hope fills our hearts with all kinds of joy and peace through faith, overflow us with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit! (Romans 15:13)

V. Immanuel

Mary learned from the angel that the Lord was with her (Luke 1:28)! Later, the angel told Joseph, who had not yet married her, that the pregnancy she was conceiving was from the Holy Spirit. All these things were accomplished to fulfill the Lord’s words through the prophet:

“A virgin will conceive and give birth to a child; people will call him Immanuel, that is, God is with us.” (Matthew 1:22-23)

Between God and man, there is only one mediator, Christ Jesus who was born as a man; He became flesh and lives among us, full of grace and truth. (Early 2:5, about 1:14)

VI. Blessed

After Mary, John’s mother, Elizabeth, called her the blessed three times, she said: I honor the Lord in my heart; my spirit rejoices in God and my Savior; because He cares about the humbleness of his maid; from now on, all generations will call me blessed. (Luke 1:46-48)

Today, the Lord Jesus said: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (Luke 11:27-28)

VII. Goodwill

When the angel announced the message of great joy to all people: today in the city of David, Bethlehem, the Savior was born for them, the Lord Christ. Suddenly, a large group of heavenly soldiers praised God with the angel and said: (Luke 2:13-14)


Glory to God in the highest place!

And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!

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* KJV:
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men. Goodwill is GS # 2107, is the good pleasure of God’s will, used in Luke 2:14, 10:21, Eph 1:9 and Phil 2:13.

Ephesians 1:9, all according to his own predetermined goodwill, so that we can know the mystery of his will,

Philippians 2:13, because you are determined to do everything: God moves in your heart to accomplish his goodwill.

So that, from Ephesians 1:5, God’s goodwill is pleasing according to his own will

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