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By God’s grace, Mission Taiwan (MT) is honored to team with TKU (The King’s University, Gateway Church), GCBC and NHCC, and several youth ministers from Taipei and China churches to conduct English Gospel camps for over 1000 students in 14 elementary schools in 5 areas of the country in harmony to fulfill our Lord’s honorable great commission for the 13th year.

Spiritual Warfare

TKU led MT into a higher level. Every night, Pastor Eric Scott ministered the team to share the mission to comfort, encourage and build up each other. Other MT teammates joined in the fellowship to enjoy the precious moments which are sure to be lasting in our hearts for a long time to treasure.

In the past 12 years, MT had been doing missions in the worldwide famous Buddhist Mountain’s backyard. To fight this spiritual warfare, we have put on the whole armor of God to stand against the schemes of the devil. This time, I realize that the way TKU team’s comfort, encourage and build up each other, has put us on the other kind of armor in the power of love to fight and to win this year’s spiritual battle.

Lost and Found

As I was accompanying a TKU sister to find her lost iPhone,  tracing thru her evey step and failed to find the phone, we felt desperate as the school was closing down.  After praying, soon seeing a group of kids playing in front of us, I called out to them to find her phone for a reward.

Not long afterwards, a kid brought in the phone to her tears. then, I pulled out a TWD1000 bill to the boy for his reward. Just a few steps away he returned with the money, said: ” I can’t take it, just doing the right thing.” Another boy said: We are not greedy.” Their pure hearts are so touching to our American friends, are the like as Jesus said of the people ought to have to get into the kingdom of heaven. (Matt 18:3)

As is in heaven

Throughout our camps, local churches put in their major efforts to cowork with us to do missions in schools by supporting teaching,  transportation, meals and other chores to make us feel at home and as in the heaven.

Genesis Pictionary

During the city youth camp in Taidong city center, Mary of GCBC played the dictionary game to teach them the daily creation in Genesis. It was such a brilliant idea to explain God’s creation from the Genesis comics in the camp handbook, those youth learned the truth truly  enthusiastically.

Local College Volunteers

In need of translation for over 20 Americans, we recruited a team of 40 plus local college students for translators. The one day pre camp volunteer training thus became their first ever gospel camp. They helped us during the camp, meanwhile learned the message and gladly received the bilingual Bible as gifts. Prayerfully, they will come to join our about to be started English Bible Study to learn the truth and receive Jesus as their true savior.

China Prayer Mission

By God’s grace, TKU team is able to continue China mission after Taiwan mission in a way of prayers on each tour site and meanwhile praising God, that is what China solely needs now.

Glorious Partner

My wife and me do not have our own house to rest in Taiwan. For these years we were invited to stay with God’s people post mission. Since my retirement last year, I am able to stay longer to plan long term mission this year. Right then, the International Mission Board of Southern Baptist Convention (lMB) invited us to stay in their wonderful guest house in downtown Taipei. What an honor is to be a partner to IMB, the world’s largest mission ministry.

English Corner of Hope (ECOH)

Now the ECOH has been set up to go in Kaohsiung’s two elementary school libraries. From 9/1 to 6/1, the ECOH serves as the schools’ official clubs for community (2-4 pm) and students (4-6 pm). During the community service time, we can help parents with English matters, and share gospel. In kids’ hour, we will start with singspiration, then read the Biblical English story prompting for kids’ reply and response in English, ended with caring and praying for them to get guidance,  comfort, encouraged and built up.

Thanks to the Lord, our serving folks will all stay in the 85 tower landmark building for a special God’s grace price of $150 a week to enjoy the     luxury room with ocean or city view. In addition, a Godly couple tour operator will arrange and provide the van tour throughout Taiwan for experiencing this beautiful country.

The ECOH ministry is designed to suit retirees to do missions in a relaxed environment, not like the typical short term summer missions which demands busy schedule and tiring tasks for younger folks to carry out better.

The ECOH mission is to provide after school program, not babysitting, but to accompany them , give guidance, share gospel and converse with them and to improve their English. Prayerfully, retirees will comprehend the opportunity to fulfill their mission desire with God’s love in uplifting these not yet believing students into Christ.

The on going long term mission will be in the ECOH at the schools from 9/1 to 6/1, so far we have 8 persons signing to to serve from 8/16 to 12/31. From this ECOH, we can launch 3-5 day English Gospel camps which churches may ponder upon sending short mission teams to reinforce this long term mission. In addition to ECOH, Mission Taiwan’s annual missions will be continued at the first week of July 2020.

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