Mission Taiwan 2013 Brief

Mission Taiwan 2013 

 MT2013 photos

By God’s grace, we MT2013 team of 84 did it again to lead 1,160 students and 70 local college helpers in 12 schools in Ligang, Dongang and Pintung to return the due glory back to Him from many local gods and turn people’s praising to idols back to Him as he proclaimed in Isa 42:8-12, 我是耶和華、這是我的名.我必不將我的榮耀歸給假神、也不將我的稱讚歸給雕刻的偶像。.. 當將榮耀歸給耶和華、在海島中傳揚他的頌讚。

In braving the heat, we led over 1000 new believers to Lord. Praise the Lord! I noticed five unique sights in this mission:

1. Not even 9pm, most of the team has gone sleep unlike before, that showed how hard you have been serving in the mission.

2. Noticeably many kids were reading the Bible we gave to them. It’s amazing to see some kids reading the bible unstoppably not caring about what the disturbance was going around them! Some students even pointed out the Bible verses to the hymn we led them to praise God.

3. Record number of parents coming out to our camp presentation night, 50 plus in Pintung school alone.

4. During Friday night’s EV concert, 24 TAs came to the front to receive prayers and confessed their faith in Christ.

5. The largest amount of scholarship($3,100) was ever given out and filled in by the largest ever offerings($6,500) rolled in later, almost all in the last 3 weeks. How great His faithfulness is!

Above all, Pastor Lin said this year’s mission is advancing multiple times more from previous ones. I also noticed that kids everywhere knew much more about the Bible and Jesus from our past 5 years of missions.

As we close the short term mission, remember our long term missionaries who continue to extend God’s kingdom from what we left till next year.

Thanks, MT2013 team!

 All glory be to God,

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