The Chief End Of a Faithful Man Is To Glorify God And Enjoy Him

John Wen, 5/1/2013

Faith is not about what we can do, is about how we do God’s calling. It’s so true for Jesus and He showed us this way.

Jesus is called by God to come to this world to do His will in proclaiming the truth by preaching His words, healing the sick, resurrecting the dead and etc. Through these his chief end is to glorify God. For that Lazarus is raised from the dead and others got healed – 耶穌聽見就說、這病不至於死、乃是為 神的榮耀、叫 神的兒子因此得榮耀(John 10:4)。

Believers like Martha and Mary are called to serve Jesus coming to town needing a place to rest by obeying what Jesus just taught on loving neighbors who needs mercy to spend the night(耶穌說、你去照樣行罷, Luke 10:37). Mary went further on God’s calling to hear God’s words(求你用真理使他們成聖.你的道就是真理, John 17:17) by sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to what he said. So does Siemen’s setting up the feast 西門的擺設筳席 is called to thank God and witness His grace.

No matter what we believers do, beyond will肯, the chief end is to let people see the glory of God. Whether it is in sharing the gospel, preaching the words, serving in the kitchen, hosting a pot luck, helping a stranger in need, doing a mission and etc., a faithful believer knows his or her calling and does it by His strength. From that people will see God’s glory from those who work by His Spirit and those who receive His grace.

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